Mission statement

48% of the population of Brussels are of foreign
origin, or like me were born there as a foreigner. The majority of
the other inhabitants arrived in Brussels one fine day, from the
Flemish or Walloon countryside, and they have all made their
mark on the landscape of Brussels.


In Brussel is 48% van de inwoners
van vreemde afkomst, of is er, net als ik, als vreemdeling gebo-
ren. Ook de andere inwoners zijn voor het overgrote deel op een
dag in Brussel gearriveerd, komende van het Waalse of Vlaamse
platteland, en allen hebben hun stempel op het Brusselse land-
schap gedrukt.

à Bruxelles 48% des habitants sont
étrangers ou – comme moi – nés étrangers. Les autres aussi sont
pour la plupart arrivés un jour à Bruxelles, venant de la campagne
wallonne ou flamande, et tous ont imprimé de leur marque le
paysage bruxellois.
Laeken ces petites Flamandes sont repé-
rables à leurs anglaises tournées au fer,
à leurs oreilles percées de boucles, à la
croix en or qu’elles portent autour du cou,

This quote from ULB-professor Anne Morelli is the lead for our project:
– documenting & giving exposure to the many contributions of the Brussels inhabitants
– find a proper space & place to showcase the multi splendoured face of Brussels through the achievements the Brussels other Brussels inhabitants.
– make a start-up: a website for the BiBBeM-project

So this is an open invitation to join us…..



Some ideas:

Wall of fame

BiBBeM will store hours of audio and video materials, photographs and documents from the migration history.

Inside or outside the building is a wonderful place to honor the famous Brussels migrants: the Wall of Fame. A glass wall  will remember famous Brussels personalities  past and present, immortalized in glass. Based on a portrait, a black and white image created through a special process in the glass is applied. The size of this record is 1.19 x 1.47 meters. With picture and sound is thus a monument created for these pioneers.
For a place in the hall or on the wall you should not necessarily be born in Brussels. You have to have lived and worked here  and left your mark.

Exhibitions, an example

The exhibitions opens in conjunction with the National Archives are records the families who have established their dynasties to town, from the Habsburgs to the Empain Dynasty
That is all well documented by a plethora of beautiful black / white photos, video clips, listen and touch screens.

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